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Creativity and Healing

The Journeys through life program is a rites of passage created to support healthy transitions in to adulthood for youth aged 9-14 years of age.      


Our workshops focus on principles for success in adulthood such as: Spirituality, Confidence, Resilience, Character and Wisdom.  Our program incorporates creative expression, interactive activities, beading, public speaking, literary exercises and research.

2017 Journeys through life cohort

2018 Journeys through life cohort presented on March 24, 2018


Journeys Through Life experience for each participant:

* Oratorical content to be presented at the Passing the Torch Luncheon

* Principle workshops along with workshop binder & notes

* Personalized beaded belt

* Written Essay

* African inspired dance expression

* Hip-hop inspired dance expression


2019 Journeys through Life cohort information session & registration

Thursday, September 27, 2018 6pm

3580 Main St. Bldg 11 - Suite G Hartford, CT