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About Balebe Handcrafted Jewelry

                                  Our name comes from our founder: Bahati Akao Lett Benjamin, hence the name BALEBE. Bahati started                                             creating jewelry as a child and her specialty is waistbeads. She is also a mathematician and believes that the                                     balance of analytical and artistic properties is a part of our cultural DNA. To check out Bahati's mathematical                                     venture, visit the site:!               


We believe in celebrating life through the creative expression of beading. Join us for a one-of a kind experience!


Beading will restore your senses and nurture your creativity as you create your one-of-a kind unique piece of art!

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view our portfolio of pieces made during our events!


Our vision is to elevate the ancient art form of beading to its rightful place as a vehicle for community building and creative expression. Our events must be experienced to truly understand the passion that we bring to jewelry-making and beading. 


We have 12 years of jewelry-making experience with seed beads and natural stones with our wide variety of glass, porcelain, wood, ceramic and acrylic beads in all shapes, sizes, colors and finishes.